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Health Benefits

Luk Tung Kuen is a simple exercise with 36 movements. Each movement is simple to learn. Most of the movements are to the count of ten. Beginners can easily learn them with a few repeated repetitions.

It is very important not to change the sequence of the movements in order to reap the full benefit of the exercise. It is also important to remember to have the correct posture – standing tall and always returning to the upright position, hands and fingers are extended or stretched out, feet apart only as wide as your shoulders. One should call out the counts as it is beneficial to the respiratory system and also keep the momentum going. You will find that each exercise will lead to the next one as it follows the anatomy of the body – from the hand to the waist to the arms to the leg and to the head.

After the exercise, you should feel a surge of energy and become more limber. Some movements have a self-administered massage effect and can help to relax the muscles and bring relief to the nervous system. The health benefits are many.

  • The controlled movement regulates the cardiac muscles which facilitates and improves blood circulation.
  • The stretching of extremities tightens abdominal muscles, and improves the elasticity of the joints in your hands and fingers.
  • The hand movement stimulates the acupoints which in-turn stimulates the function of the brain, heart, kidneys, shoulder, arms, fingers and central nervous system.
Breakdown of the health benefits of each movement - submitted by Mr. Lee from HongKong LTK (1960)
  1. Hands open door - improves nerves in teeth cavity, improves circulation in coronary vessels
  2. Two hands down to leg -improves circulation of arm blood vessels, helps condition your heart
  3. Cross hands - reduces stomach fat, improves elasticity of the joints of hands and fingers, cures rheumatism
  4. Flicking finger with arms outstretched - strengthens the nervous system by concentration
  5. Turn over hand - improves nerves in the hand aimed at the acupoints in the hands, improves blood circulation.
  6. Lady looking at mirror - reduces body fat and enhance the agility of the body
  7. Bicycle -strengthens the nerves at back of legs and thighs, improves balance
  8. Leg open door - improves blood circulation in the legs
  9. Beating the drum - improves vital body organs and the immunity from disease
  10. Towards sky and towards ground - improves the blood vessels on both sides of body and stimulates acupoints.
  11. Crouch and throwing fist - improves six nerve vessels and regulates body functions
  12. Crab position - improves nerves in neck, reduces fatty tissues on the back
  13. Arm exercise - improves blood circulation in the arms
  14. Windmill - improves complete circulation of blood in your body, reduces belly fat and improves back bone.
  15. Flat hand throw out - stretches out the arms and wrists, prevents rheumatism
  16. Ying Yang Fist - increases strength in body, improve joints
  17. Breathing - improves lungs
  18. Caterpillar - improves sciatic nerve
  19. Circling arms - lowers blood pressure
  20. Ten fingers back at the heart - promotes coronary vessel circulation
  21. Hands on waist and suck in stomach - improves blood circulation on both sides of body
  22. Flying Leg - reduces fat on thigh, lowers blood sugar
  23. Jumping Jack -relieves indigestion
  24. Eagle posture - reduces fatty tissue around heart, prevents arthritis of the legs
  25. Changing Breath - brings fresh air into stomach
  26. Eye Exercises - improves nerves around eyes
  27. Neck Exercises - reduces fatty tissues around the neck, prevents headache and dizziness
  28. Twisting the Waist - improves digestive system
  29. Spread Hand for Money - prevents arthritis of hands and cramping
  30. Tapping ears and close eyes - improves eyesight, eye, ear, mouth, nose and nerves in back of head
  31. Sweeping the waist - improves liver and kidney, nerves in the arms
  32. Running - improves lung
  33. Two dragons spitting pearl - improves spinal column health
  34. Six petals of blossoms - promotes circulation in knees, hands, legs and neck
  35. Golden Rooster stand on one leg - strengthens legs and loosens tightness of nerves in legs
  36. Stretching leg exercise - promotes leg nerve vessels and prevents cramps