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Luk Tung Kuen exercise has been recognized worldwide as to having outstanding health benefits. Master Ha Kinh was honored with numerous recognitions from local communities as well as government agencies internationally. She was given the Presidential Sport Award from U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1997.


Sing Tao Daily (Canada) Febuary 10, 1998

1997 Special Congressional Recognition

1997 Presidential Sports Award
by President Bill Clinton

Personal Testimonial - John Chan

Mr. John Chan will be celebrating his 97th birthday come December 13, 2012. He is in great health and enjoys his mornings spent with his friends at the park and coffee following. It is a boost to his day. The following is his testimony to how LTK kept him young and healthy.

"I did not know when I start doing this exercise twenty years ago that I still can do it today. Of course there are some movements that I cannot do now at 97. One of those movement requires standing on one foot and holding the other foot up for a count of thirteen. I manage to do most of the 36 movements. My secret is standing next to an 8"X8" wood column at the shelter for support if needed.

I joined the Luk Tung Kuen Exercise class when it started at San Mateo Central Park with ten individuals in September 1993. Mrs. Frances Chin was the instructor. The class has grown to over a hundred members people through the years. Luk Tung Kuen was founded by Master Ha Kinh of Hong Kong who has visited our class at Beresford Park several times.

Luk Tung Kuen (LTK) Exercise consist of 36 movements which helps one's breathing, keeps the body limber and the mind alert plus a whole list of other benefits. I have been coming for 20 years, rain or shine. I have many supportive friends, good health, still have my marbles and enjoy life."

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