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There are always Luk Tung Kuen activities in different locations around the world. We try to cover them as accurate as possible. Please send us any announcements or information about your current or past events. You can contact us at

Lucille Chun from Hawaii visits San Mateo Beresford Park in 2013
2020 : Exercise resumed at Beresford Park three times a week during Covid 19 with social distancing and masks on
2019: San Mateo Beresford welcomes Linda Tai
2019: Year of the Pig Celebration at Beresford Park
2018: Annual party of San Mateo Beresford Group
2017: Annual party of San Mateo Beresford Group
2016: Walk with the Dragon at Stanley Park, Vancouver at Lumbermen's Arch on July 17th, 2016
2016: Annual party of San Mateo Beresford Group
2015: San Mateo Beresford Park Group celebrates 10th Anniversary
2014: Annual celebration dinner for San Mateo Beresford LTK Group
2014: Happy Holidays from Kahala Mall LTK gang
2014: Another Gold Cup to Luk Tung Kuen of Canada.
2014: Annual Dinner - Vancouver.
2014: A Visit to Kowloon Park.
2014: USJ14LTK 1st Anniversary Celebration.
2013: LTK 27th Anniversary Celebration in Hong Kong.
2013: LTK at Kahala Mall in Honolulu.
2013: Letter from London LTK exercise ground - Pitshanger Park, Ealing, London
2013: Luk Tung Kuen Kahala Mall celebrates Irene Lai's 100th Birthday
2012: Seasons Greetings from Around the World
2012: LTK Annual Party for Beresford LTK Group
2012: LTK in Portugal - Douro Spirit sailing the Douro River
2012: LTK in Vancouver - Oakridge Mall and QE Park
2012: Linda Tai from Vancouver visits Master Ha Kinh in Hong Kong
2011: Luk Tung Kuen at Kahala Mall
2011: Ha Kinh Visit December
2011: Singapore visit on November 1st
2011: Lucille Chun from LTK/Kahala Mall visits San Mateo
2011: Visit to Santa Cruz, Tenerife (Canary Islands) Luk Tung Kuen
2011: San Mateo Beresford Park members onboard the Allure of the Seas
2010: 24th Anniversary Celebration of Luk Tung Kuen in Hong Kong
2010: Visitors from California and Holland to Kowloon Park
2010: Youngest member to do LTK in Hong Kong
2010: Honolulu LTK from Kahala Mall visits Kowloon Park LTK for two days
2010: LTK demonstration during the San Mateo Public Health Week
2009: 23rd Annual Celebration of Luk Tung Kuen Association
2009: Creekside Park, Walnut, CA
2009: Hong Kong
2009: Canary Island, Spain
2008: Los Angeles
2008: 22nd Annual Celebration of Luk Tung Kuen Association
2008: LTK at South Africa
2008: LTK in Hong Kong
2008: Vancouver Walk with the Dragon July 20th
2008: Onboard Crystal Serenity in the Mediterranean Sea
2008: Bella Waxman's 102nd Birthday
2008: LTK in United Kingdom
2008: LTK in Singapore
2008: LTK in Spain
2007: 21st Celebration Banquet in Hong Kong
2007: News from Vancouver
2007: LTK in Kowloon Park in Hong Kong
2007: LTK in Kowloon Yan Chai Secondary School
2007: LTK in Toronto
2007: Master Ha Kinh in Singapore
2007: My Refuge Center in Roaring Creek, Belize
2007: Splendour of the Seas in Mediterranean Sea
  2006: Botanical Garden in Singapore
  2006: Onboard Brilliance of the Seas
  2006: Master Ha Kinh in SF California, USA
  2006: Killarney 14th Anniversary
  2006: Bella's 100th Birthday
  2006: Latest Update From Hong Kong
  2005: 19th Celebration Dinner in Hong Kong
  2005: KOWLOON - Kowloon Park 九龍公園
  2005: SHATIN - Carado Gardens 大圍荔枝園雲叠花園
  2005: Self-Help Elderly LTK in San Francisco
  2005: Master Ha Kinh in San Mateo Beresford Park

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