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Master Ha Kinh ( 何瓊 )

Master Ha Kinh (also known as Ho King) is the creator of Luk Tung Kuen. She lives in Shatin, a suburb of Hong Kong. She teaches every day, rain or shine, at different locations around Hong Kong. Her class starts at 6:30 a.m. and takes 40 minutes to complete. The classes are free and she welcomes all visitors and students.

History of Luk Tung Kuen

Master Ha Kinh is from a family steeped in the practice of Chinese medicine. Her father was an acupuncturist and was extremely interested in exercises for good health. He studied extensively on the various acu-points of the human body -- the arteries and veins, the bones and joints. He understood that the heart, kidneys and the lungs are closely linked. Hence, he began to develop a new kind of exercise that benefits the whole body.

Master Ha Kinh caught malaria when she was sixteen. Failed with medications, her father taught her the exercise he had developed. She practiced the exercise daily. Within a week, she recovered completely. But then, like a lot of us, she stopped doing the exercise.

She got married and settled in Vietnam. As a result of malnutrition, her health worsened. A Malaysian doctor recommended that she should start exercising to improve her health. She remembered her father’s exercise and started the daily exercise immediately. From that moment on, she has been exercising every day. The Malaysian doctor was amazed. He started his research and confirmed the benefits from her exercises on the joints, muscles, arteries and veins. Together, they named the exercise “LUK TUNG KUEN”.

Master Ha Kinh felt deeply indebted to the Malaysian doctor and started to teach the exercise to her family and friends after she relocated to Hong Kong. She started at Shek Lei Pui Reservoir with a few friends. As word spread and many had come to recognize the benefits from the exercise, the number of students grew. Many students took the exercise to their homeland, so that today Luk Tung Kuen has become known and practiced at hundred of locations worldwide.